This site is the chronicle of my weight loss experience, my journey to becoming fit and healthy. Obviously, if you are here you know what the phrase “being on/off the wagon” means. And most likely you have fallen off the fitness wagon more than once. I think I’ve spent more time off of it than… Read More

I didn’t post yesterday, but I did workout. I did Day 10 of #80DayObsession , Cardio Core. Of course it was 10pm, but I did it! Today I did AAA, Day 11. Don’t let the repeating names fool you. Each day is a bit different. In the first week we did 2 sets of 15… Read More

wow. I made it a WHOLE week before I fell off the wagon again. I could go into all the reasons, but for me it really has to do with having a daily routine (the lack thereof really). Unfortunately, my routine gets really screwed up when the kids don’t have school. This includes weekends, track… Read More

Day 5 #80dayobsession … #legs Don’t let the smile fool you, this was WORK! Who knew I would get so sweaty working out just LEGS?🍗🍗(that’s a rhetorical question, because if you’re working out right, you should be sweating!) I actually love leg day. Of all my muscles, I see results in my quads first when… Read More

Day 4 of #80dayobsession is in the books. The workout today was AAA: Abs, Arms, & A$$. I think I could have pushed myself a bit more, but was a bit concerned that I might not have enough left in the tank for round 2 and I don’t want to be so sore the next… Read More

Day 3 of #80dayobsession is #cardiocore Cardio is my weak spot. I was dreading it and put it off as long as I could. The truth is, it wasn’t THAT bad. I did have to step out some of the higher impact moves (bad knees, long boring story). But I was still sweating up a… Read More

For the record, I’m not really a fan of eggs. It’s a texture thing. Usually I need lots of cheese, salt and pepper. But I’m following the #80dayobsession meal plan (C for the curious) and this is my post workout meal. 1 red (protein = 2 eggs), 1 green (veggies = 1/2c spinach (i used… Read More

This new timed eating plan is going to be a challenge. I’ve done the #portionfix program before, but I’m used to being able to mix and group them however and whenever I wanted. Figuring out tasty options for 1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow and a tsp is going to take some time and preparation.… Read More

I’m sure most people don’t really care to see an IG feed of #swelfies , but I do it to stay #accountable This is my first workout since Sept 25! Things have… atrophied. Both my physical being and my habits. I’m excited to be starting a new program from @beachbody and @autumncalabrese called #80dayobsession (or… Read More

 You know that #fitnesswagon we all fall off of? Yeah, that was me. But you know what? I’m back. Doing a new (for me) program: #chaleanextreme I still need to do better food-wise, but I’ve got a plan and I’ve got some goals to motivate and keep me on track. View on Instagram SaveSave… Read More

Going to try this! #thefitnesswagon #healthylife Do This #YogaFlow Before Bed Tonight, Thank Us Later View on Instagram… Read More